Wedding Music Project – the Project Part!

What is it about the Wedding Music Project website that qualifies it as “project”?

Brian Deyo, our marketing team member, was recently married, and experienced difficulty in finding just the right wedding music. Luckily, his Uncle Steve Millikan, was the pianist (and only musician) at his wedding and helped organize, suggest, and assemble music for the prelude, reception, and ceremony. Through this difficult and tedious process we realized that there might be a need for a site where future brides and grooms could come and listen to many different types of music and options for their wedding all in one place and if they were looking for a less expensive music option, they could purchase music that fit their needs.

After some initial meetings with Brian and my son Jesse (programmer and website developer), we decided we had a good combination of talents and aptitudes for a wedding music website that could help others like Brian and Audrey who were frustrated in their search for wedding music. Deciding on a name was not so easy. “Wedding Music Project” was only chosen after much deliberation. “Project Wedding” or “Wedding Project” would have been great choices as well, but were already taken. Jesse favored ‘Wedding Music Domination’, but then most of the time it’s hard to retrieve him from the quirky zone.

Now would be a great time to save yourself from this tiresome explanation and just check out some music. Save yourself, while there’s still time. Go listen to some wedding music. (We have a specific album to help you listen to many different songs quickly. We call it our wedding samples album.)

If you must read on, we admire your tenacity….

One way to market on the Internet is to win “searches” for terms related to what you are offering on your site. So for example, if you want to produce and sell wedding music, it would be nice if, when someone searches for “wedding music” , your site appears in the top 5. (Important note – it it likely the “name” of your website helps you rank better in searches for those words).

As you might guess, countless thousands of other websites would like to win that same search – that is to say – competition is fierce for such a search term. We tossed around many site names that would include other search terms that would both be descriptive of what we do, and help us win some less common searches, but never reached a consensus.

From the beginning, Brian liked “wedding music project”, for a couple different reasons.

  • It had a nice sound that communicated the idea it was an ongoing effort or collaboration that would be helpful to couples seeking wedding music help. A project if you will.
  • “Wedding Music Project” doesn’t sound like a spam site, and the three of us share a serious aversion to sites that claim to offer resources which often turn out to be thousands of links that typically don’t connect you to actual useful content. If you haven’t experienced this a few dozen times firsthand, you probably haven’t done much searching on the interweb.
  • We also hoped to offer something more than just a simple set of albums and songs for couples to choose from. Since launch, we’ve explored a few ideas and have received a great response from a few of them. You can read about each “project” below.

Wedding Music “Projects”:

Wedding Music Samples -

In January 2010 we released a Wedding Music Samples album that is perfect for wedding planners and couples planning their wedding music. A very ‘project’ – like offering, and it’s FREE… can’t get more “project” than that!

Budget Wedding Planning Tips -

Look for our definitive article on Budget Wedding planning; We are familiar with an excellent writer who has read and ruminated extensively on the subject. Such an article would lend even more credibility to the“project” delineation of the “wedding music project” and provide a much needed resource that isn’t riddled with spammy links or links to nowhere useful.

Processional Songs in Different Lengths -

Also fitting nicely with the ‘project’ aspect of our site: we carry many processionals in various lengths – something you rarely if ever find on other sites. It only makes sense for your processional music to fit the timing of the bridal party or bride as they make their way to the front of the church. This allows for a satisfying musical ending rather than an abrupt, unnatural cutoff of the music. However, since the demand for this type of product has so far been extremely low, it’s unlikely we will extend this concept to all of the music we offer, focusing this type of effort only on the more popular songs, especially the ones that stand the greatest chance at being used as bridal processionals.

Bridal Chorus Variations

There is one song we’ve gone to great lengths to give you a multitude of options for – and that is the Bridal Chorus, also known as the Wedding March, Here Comes The Bride, or the Bridal March. We offer an entire album – “BRIDAL CHORUS VARIATIONS” dedicated to this most famous of bridal processionals in many different styles and in many different lengths. If you’re planning to use this wedding march that Wagner composed and that your mom and grandma probably walked down the aisle to, this is probably the place to find just the arrangement you’re looking for. We carry not only the traditional pipe organ & piano versions, but also a gentle piano arrangement, a fairly short trumpet & orchestra rendition, an orchestra version, a violin with piano and orchestra rendering, a romantic string quartet arrangement, a “sweet” trumpet and orchestra arrangement, and a medium paced piano version – not as mellow as your “gentle piano” version, but not as strong as the traditional piano interpretation. And then for most of these, there are different timings available, and for the pipe organ versions, some that are slightly faster or slower.

“Interesting” Song Options -

As a good example of innovative choices – I’ve always thought of HAPPY TOGETHER as a sweet ‘classic love song’. Our arrangement is really quite extraordinary if you think you might like to use this classic oldie anywhere in your wedding or reception – so we’ve included it on two of our albums – Fun Wedding Songs and Classic Love Songs. Add to that I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND, a rather uptempo contemporary version of the traditional Mendelssohn Wedding March (recessional), some enjoyable wedding ringtones, and one that is probably in bad taste (ANGRY BRIDES RINGTONE – and I apologize in advance if it makes you wince, but some people really seem to like the humorous aspect of a bride occasionally having  a bad day during the wedding prep) and we do indeed have some choices you won’t find elsewhere.

Unique Songs -

I don’t want to end on a possibly unhappy note, so I’ll conclude my mentioning a couple songs we really love on our site – a bridal processional version of Storybook Love, and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding processional, I WAS GLAD WHEN THEY SAID UNTO ME. And for the record, I thought the Westminster Cathedral made an awesome setting for a wedding…

And MORE Samples

As noted near the top of this post, we carry a wedding music samples album that contains about 65 or 70 (we keep adding and subtracting music samples as seems best) of the most loved wedding songs, as well as a few innovative choices that are not quite so popular but will make a great addition to your wedding ceremony (or prelude, recessional music, or reception songs).

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