Whence The Wedding Music Project?

On September 5th 2009 my wife Audrey and I got married. We decided pretty early on that we would do our own music to save money and since we had a great musician in the family, that wouldn’t be much of a problem. Needless to say, it wasn’t the easiest process in the world. We searched initially for “wedding music” on Google. The sites we landed on were either very outdated, or just pretty tacky and not very credible. Just like the rest of the web, there were hundreds of sites about wedding music, but none were particularly helpful. The wedding music samples album we created for this site (well after I wrote this opening article) would have really helped us! After meeting with my Uncle (Steve Millikan) a number of times, we began to narrow down what we wanted to hear and the music that we wanted for our prelude, procession, ceremony, recession, father daughter dance, and first dance. We decided to have a pretty classical wedding so we only had piano music and played mostly common wedding music. The problem was that without hearing it we really didn’t know what wedding music we wanted. We both are musically inclined but not really experts. That is where Uncle Steve was very helpful. If everyone could sit down and hear a few songs played and take notes about various songs and how they can be altered to fit your wedding, this whole process would be much easier. That is exactly what we did, and it worked out perfectly. The music was exactly what we wanted. Not canned, not expensive, and very high quality.

The problem is that most people don’t have a professional pianist and music producer for an uncle. That is why we started this project. Steve’s talent is spectacular, and we were confident he could produce enough high quality music for this site that we could offer buyers nearly the same experience we had while sitting in his studio. So here we are. The goal is to provide you with the best wedding songs of all types for your wedding. Hopefully by the time you’re reading this we’ve included enough music that you can use us for your entire wedding. We’re taking this one day at a time and producing the best music and hopefully the best and easiest shopping experience we can. We’re going to continue to add new features to the site that will be innovative and helpful to the couple looking to plan their own wedding music. There are a few core things that we are going to focus on and we hope you notice and find them helpful as you interact with the site.

The first is quality music – above all, the most important thing we want to offer is high quality music. Steve has been in the music industry for thirty years as a producer and professional piano player and his ability to craft original arangements and unique wedding songs to fit your needs will exceed any other similar site. We want to have the best music for your wedding and don’t think you should have to compromise at all because you are saving money by doing your own wedding music.

The second is wedding music education and information – If you’ve decided that you are going to do your own music for the wedding, you are now faced with a very challenging task. You have to figure out not only where you are going to get the music, but what music you will use. That is the hardest part. Initially it is unlikely that you’ll find your whole wedding set here, but within the next few months we hope to have enough music so that if you wanted to get your prelude songs, processional songs, bridal entrance song, special ceremony music, recessional song, and reception music from us, we might be able to accommodate all of that. We are going to provide articles about accoustics in different room types and guides on how to pick the type of music you want, as well as the importance of song length and style when thinking about entrance music for the wedding party. We will also be updating a blog that will provide numerous tips and ideas for your wedding. We are not a wedding site, but instead a dedicated wedding music site. We want to help inform you as much as possible even if you find your music somewhere else.

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