Left At The Altar – Famous Weddings That Didn’t Quite Happen

Julia Roberts and Keifer Sutherland - back in June of 1991, Julia Roberts was not quite the household name she is today. These two budding stars planned to tie the knot, but a few short days before the big day canceled their nuptials. The real reason remains unknown, though at the time there were whispers of infidelity. Keifer insisted they had a great friendship but not enough passion… whatever that means.

Nichole Ritche and Joel Madden had their rings picked out and were headed to The Little White Chapel in Vegas – but got cold feet at the 11th hour. It’s a long story, but it simply wasn’t to be, at least not in Las Vegas. Left At The Altar….

Hugh Hefner + Crystal Harris, which is odd on a personal level because there is wonderful singer named Krystal Harris – toured with the Backstreet Boys, sang “Supergirl” and so on, and we’ve worked together on 15 or 20 recording projects. Back to Hugh… gee, I wonder if sometimes women marry him because they hope to grab some of the greenback dollars floating around, and not because he’s a wonderful specimen of manhood. Actually, no, I’m not wondering that.. Sadly, this wonderful storybook marriage was not to be; Crystal decided she didn’t like the concept of multiple available females always hanging around harem-like.

Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal. Now this one is truly heartbreaking – they had been lovers forever – might as well have been married, and almost made it official while Farah was being treated for cancer in Germany in 2009. They checked into local laws, according to Farrah’s close friend Joan Dangerfield, but just didn’t quite make it happen.

Left At The Altar: More Famous Weddings That Didn’t Quite Happen:

Evan Rachel Wood with Marilyn Manson – She’s pretty, and he’s, uh… pretty scary. This relationship began in 2006 and came to a grinding halt in 2008.

Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara -  before there was Katie, there was Sofia, a Columbian beauty who thought better of getting hitched to the Cruise. This near wedlock experience didn’t seem to be too tough on Tom, who quickly rebounded by proposing to Katie just a few months later. It seems Tom’s involvement in the world of Scientology and his plan to incorporate it into the Latin
American culture didn’t sit well with Ms. Vergara, who jumped ship.

Sienna Miller and Jude Law – Hey Jude, when you get extra friendly with the nanny, sometimes it doesn’t work out so well with your “real” relationship. Summer of 2005 is when this went to splitsville.

Katie Holmes and Chris Klein – In the world of Hollywood relationships, this one had some longevity – 5 years together, and a lengthy engagement – but it was not to be, as shortly after they parted ways Katie was jetting the globe with Tom Cruise.

Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler – she got the shaft July 24th. Adding insult to injury, Kristin had recently been modeling wedding dresses. Ouch. Perhaps she wasn’t “Left At The Altar” – but almost as bad.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were set for a lavish September wedding back in 2003, but postponed ostensibly because of all the media buzz. Right. Well, Jennifer shortly thereafter tied the knot with Marc Antony, followed immediately by a crash and burn.

Jesse James, Kat Von D – After Jesse’s cute little debacle behind Sandra Bullock’s back, this seemed like SUCH a can’t-miss super-couple. To our shock and chagrin, only a few months after they became an item, Kat tweeted the bad news, but without divulging the sordid details. Thank you, Kat, for sparing us. And so sorry you were emotionally LEFT AT THE ALTAR.

President Barack Obama and Speaker Of The House John Boehner – During the debt ceiling crisis in the summer of 2011, Democrats and Republicans were finding it difficult to agree on legislation to address the debt ceiling and the looming government default.  President Obama, following Boehner’s refusal to get on board with a certain incarnation of his legislation, the president wondered aloud if the Republicans would get on board with him on anything, since he had been left at the altar a couple of times now.

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