Wedding in Cana of Galilee ca. 30 A.D.

A very famous  wedding took place at a city called Cana in Galilee, in the first century A.D. It seems the Messiah had been invited to attend, along with the disciples; Jesus’ mom was there as well. A celebration of epic proportions was taking place,  as was always the case at Jewish weddings. Sadly, they ran out of wine. Jesus’ mom told him about the problem; he asked her why she was getting him involved, a puzzling statement since he was planning to do something miraculous to keep the celebration in full swing.

So, his mom told the servants to do whatever Jesus instructed. As most of you will recall, there were six stone water jars nearby, as John recounts the story, the kind the Jews used for their ceremonial washing. They were pretty large – holding maybe 25 gallons each. Doing the math, after the servants had filled them with water as Jesus requested, there would have been another 150 gallons or so of wine, enough to keep the celebration joyous….lest we get the wrong idea, the wine was rather weak, so it wasn’t as though all the guests were stumbling around in a drunken stupor.

And of course we remember the master of the banquet commented to the bridegroom how strange it was they had saved the good stuff for last.

The wedding took place in the early 30′s A.D., but we’re not completely sure which songs were played. I imagine they had a Jewish sound to them….

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