Processional Music and Timing

Processional Music and Timing Issues? We can help.

Wedding processionals we offer in multiple timings:

Bridal Chorus

Trumpet Voluntary in D (Also called the Prince of Denmark’s March)

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Morning by Grieg

What are the most loved wedding processionals? You might be familiar with Pachelbel’s Canon in D, Trumpet Voluntary in D (Also called the Prince of Denmark’s March), Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, Morning by Grieg, and the traditional Bridal Chorus, to name a few.

Here’s why our processionals can help make your wedding more beautiful. Most processional music you buy or have played at  your wedding is a set length. Why settle for stopping a beautiful piece of music before it’s finished in an unnatural sounding way? It’s all about Processional Timing.

When the bride has come down the aisle and the ceremony is set to begin, you don’t want to wait for 30 seconds or longer with nothing happening while the music finishes playing – and so the music is abruptly stopped.

Here’s how we can help. We feature wedding processionals  in different lengths. Choose which of our timings fits your wedding – taking into account the length of the aisle, and the speed the bride will be walking.

With all the care you are taking to make your day special – why not choose beautifully orchestrated music that is tailored to fit your wedding?

If you are using live musicians, we suggest you download our wedding processionals albums to help them with ideas of how to shorten some of these most-loved choices for your special day.

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