Ave Maria Instrumental Download

The familiar wedding song Ave Maria will soon be available as a download on our site. A part of the standard repertoire for weddings and other occasions, it is appreciated by Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, and Protestant churches. Some Protestant congregations use a non-traditional lyric for reasons theological.

There have been numerous musical settings for this song, and a  great number of lyric versions and adaptations, in various languages. Schubert’s musical setting is perhaps the most recognizable; J.S. Bach’s Prelude in C has been used for the lyric as well, a melody being superimposed over the simple prelude that he composed. Charles Gounod is responsible for another well known version.

The alternate lyric employed in some protestant churches and denominations is translated roughly as follows:

Hail Redeemer Lord Jesus
By whose work Death is defeated –  for salvation
Has overflowed now upon the whole world.

Our faith, Holy Redeemer,
Is reckoned to us sinners,
Now and in death, as righteousness!

Now that’s a lyric that we can all agree with!

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