Mendelssohn's Wedding March Recessional|Wedding Music Project

Listen to our version of this triumphant and familiar wedding recessional! It sound great, and of course you’ll be able to hear the glorious opening strains on our Wedding Music Samples album as well if you want to get just a taste of it.

Confession time – until working on our orchestral arrangement of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March Recessional, I could not have sung or played the “C” section of the tune – a lovely, choral like passage featuring a beautiful string melody. Amazing what you can learn by doing….

I also took a lesson from some great orchestras as I listened to their renditions of this most famous of wedding recessionals: The “B” section of the song can be played much slower than the opening fanfare passage and still feel very musical, as the brass notes are played with extra “weight”. As  a studio musician and producer, I can become quite used to using a click track to record even orchestral compositions, but for this Mendelssohn offering I used the tempo map from a famous orchestra as my template, and was quite happy with the results, which were quite musical, but floating in the breeze as far as the tempi…

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