New Jerusalem (Novi Ierusalem)|Belarusian Band In Town Briefly NoviJ

We’ve known the Belarusian band New Jerusalem since the 1990′s; met them on a trip to Minsk, playing in a Christian music festival around 1991. Three of their albums were recorded at ZooWest, my recording studio, and though I’m listed as producer, I was actually more of a facilitator. They are gifted songwriters and musicians; “Think About It’, their 1997 release, won record of the year in Belarus, and a video from that album was video of the year.

Currently touring the U.S., they had a concert in Cincinnati last night, then drove to our house to visit and sleep before leaving this morning for a concert in St. Louis. If their schedule allows, they’ll drive back our direction early next week for a more extended visit about life, New Jerusalem, and music. We had a great visit from 1:30 a.m. – 3 a.m., but it was too short – hope they can make it back.

When we first met the band, they were a band of “young pups” eager to tour and play their music in Eastern Europe and the United States. Though they continue to do that, some of the glory of the early tours has waned, as all members of the band are since married, and there are lots of children added to their entourage at times. Writing this post reminds me I know nothing of the wedding music used in their ceremonies – and so I hope to post in 2011 about Belarusian wedding music.

Listen to their music at this website.

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