Wedding Music Inspiration at Turkey Run State Park

Yesterday and today I spent 24 hours at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana with my two wedding music site partners Brian and Jesse, along with my significant other Mary and some other family members and friends.

Rising before everyone else  this morning, I took a walk along a quiet path in the woods, eventually returning to explore the land  behind our cabin, curious to see how close we were to a 60-70 foot drop into a nearby chasm.

Returning to within sight of the cabin, I stood transfixed in the morning sun, amazed again at the creative splendor around me. It was a deeply emotional and spiritual experience as I contemplated again the Creator who conceived of this breathtaking woodland and the rest of creation which gives us insight into his nature and personality.

These moments of wonder and worship help bring perspective to life, and encourage me to be more creative, more original, more demanding of myself and my art. How often I take the easy road, compose the easy arrangement, settle for combinations of sounds I have heard far too often in my musical experience.

Perhaps our wedding music site is not the logical venue for the most creative music I have to offer! That is probably best reserved for my personal website,, still in the formative stages & slated to be launched December 2010 or January 2011. However, if you are reading this in the new year (2011), perhaps you would like to see what’s going on over there. It could get interesting…

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