More Good Stuff On The Way at Wedding Music Project

We’ve been promising an official site launch accompanied by the much anticipated wedding music samples album for lo these many weeks. This Wednesday we’ll actually finalize our strategy and timetable for the new additions to our site.

So here’s what to look for in March:

  1. Release of the Wedding Music Samples album
  2. Release of the New Wedding Hymns album with Tobin Wingard as featured soloist
  3. Fun Wedding Songs – including wedding ringtones that are serious, funny (read- in bad taste?), clever, & life-changing
  4. A New Wedding Recessionals album
  5. “Houseful of Furniture” Giveaway
  6. “How to Tell When A Website Falsely promotes a Furniture Giveaway” booklet for only $49.95
  7. More songs added to our popular Classic Love Songs, inluding Iris (piano solo, Goo Goo Dolls)
  8. More arrangements added to our Bridal Chorus Variations (21 options to choose from at the moment).
  9. New songs on our Processionals for Brides & Bridesmaids album, including Only Hope (Mandy Moore, Switchfoot)

Just kidding about the furniture and booklet. Seriously though we are moving forward with many music projects, and you’ll also see many new Articles and Pages to help with wedding music planning, and to creatively spur your thinking about your wedding music.

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