Processional Blogs, Articles, and Albums

If you are looking for a summary of thoughts, insights, and musings about processionals, take a moment to check out our Wedding Processional Category

Or you can read an article that Steve wrote about Processional music for your wedding that has some quick tips on how you should be thinking about picking the processionals for your wedding.  The article can be found here – Processional Music Article

If you just want to skip right to the music, we are selling a great album designed just for you to find the right processional.  Even if you are going to have live music for your wedding, not an “iPod wedding”,  you can use this album to help guide your thinking and even give your musicians ideas on how to arrange the music to fit the right length and pace of your wedding processional.  The direct link to the album is here – “Brides and Bridesmaids”

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