Wedding Sheet Music Now Available!

The first wedding sheet music to grace our website is three versions of our Bridal Chorus Gentle Piano arrangement, our best selling wedding processional. Sheet music is sold along with demo/listening versions of the music; the link takes you to what look more like an album than just sheet music. This will not cost you extra – in many cases, you’ll be receiving 2 – 4 different sheet music arrangements, plus audio demos for the price of a single piece of sheet music.

We would love to hear from you regarding which wedding songs/love songs you wish we carried in sheet music form, or if you would like to have solo instrument versions of our songs. I’ll be continuing to put pencil to paper, figuratively speaking, to add to our growing list of available wedding songs.

If by chance you’re reading this post and are a piano teacher, I would love to know if you think you would be able to use a book of easy piano wedding arrangements for your students (or yourself, if the shoe fits). It would most likely be a shorter book – perhaps 5 – 8 songs. Alternately, I’ll just make them available as single songs, but I know that can get expensive for piano students to continually be buying single songs, and I would price the book very competitively.

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