Download Arrival of the Queen of Sheba Free

The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba was available as a free download on our Processionals for Brides & Bridesmaids album for a few months in 2011. At the moment, it’s song #27 out of 29 – but that could change, as we are constantly adding songs, and doing new arrangements of existing songs. This is a classical wedding piece from the Oratorio Solomon, composed by George Frederich Handel in 1748. If you’re looking for more classical & classic wedding music, listen to our Wedding Music Samples album, songs #11-20 and following.

The Arrival Of The Queen makes a nice wedding processional, but is perhaps more commonly heard as a wedding recessional because of the joyous, upbeat flavor of the music. Our arrangement is for string orchestra.

We offer various songs free from time to time – although this song has been free for a few months, by the time you read this post it may cost you upwards of .99! But there should be another song here and there you can download at no charge.

A free lullaby is available on our baby lullaby music site; this lullaby also doubles as a Christmas carol, and you may recognize it as such.

Check out our Fun Wedding Songs if you haven’t heard them yet… Happy Together is a wonderful wedding recessional or reception song, as are many of the others.

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