Wedding Music Mystery surrounding Kate and William

I could swear that a few weeks ago I was perusing articles and information about Kate and William’s wedding music, and happened across some of the songs they would be including.

Today I was scouring the internet for any list of songs or even song possibilities for their wedding, and came up empty-handed. The best I could do was a rumour that they would be dancing to Abba at the reception, and that they both want some cheesy music. Naturally, they want a proper “knees up.”

George Michael is reportedly covering a tune as a present for the couple, and children from the Berkshire Parish’s Bucklebury Church of England Primary school (Kate’s old stomping grounds) have recorded a song and are very excited for the royal couple to receive it. An 8 year old boy, Theo Powell, wrote the music and the first verse for the song. The guitar maestro at the school wrote out a guitar accompaniment for the guitar students to play. A 9 year old student, Evan Pocock, also composed a guitar tune which will be on the CD which will be given to each student as well as Kate and William.

It seems we won’t know the songs to be included until the blessed event transpires…patience my friends, patience.

After Wedding update: Click HERE to download an ablum of some of Kate and William’s royal wedding ceremony music.

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