Bizarre Wedding Occurences – Episode 1

A friend of the bride and groom became enraged, left the wedding reception, and returned with his dog,  which he sicked on the bride, according to CBS local in Denver. The dog attacked the bride, and was dragging her around by her hair. The grooom, Jorge Cortez-Trinidad, attempted to wrestle the dog off of Brittany Schult-Cortez, and was promptly bitten three times on the thigh.

This transpired in the Dever, Colorado area, where the man responsible for the dog attack is on the run from police. Meanwhile, the dog, thought to be a pit bull, is being held  at the Denver Animal Shelter.  Joel Neveraz, who has a history of mental illness, and has spent time in a mental hospital, is accused of attacking the new bride with brass knuckles after sicking his dog on her.

It’s unclear whether he is headed for Boston or Mexico, but he should be considered dangerous, especially in light of a threatening text he sent to his friends. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact the appropriate authorities.

You can see a picture of Joel Neveraz here.

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