Father Of The Bride Wedding Music (Vintage Movie from 1950)

Personally, I prefer this old chestnut to the remake with Steve Martin. Spencer Tracy was convincing as the Dad, and a youthful Elizabeth Taylor was a breathtaking bride.The dad’s emotions seemed genuine, even if the crowded wedding receptions scenes were a bit contrived.

The wedding music was old school,  featuring the traditional bridal march and recessional played on a cheap sounding organ; the prelude was something unrecognizable, again played on the organ. The bridesmaids and bride (with her father) came down the aisle with the familiar 2-step rhythm that was quite common until perhaps the 1960′s, matching the cadence of the organ’s music.

The ceremony was rather brief – though there were no edits to indicate passage of time, it lasted only a few minutes. It seemed perhaps to be an Episcopal wedding. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost were invoked 2 or 3 times in the wedding, in a serious and straightforward manner, and felt a bit odd, as though the director was making a point about the importance of religion in wedding ceremonies; it serves to remind us how far we have come in studiously avoiding meaningful religious ceremony that is associated with conservative, heartland values and religious beliefs.

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