It's a Love Recession in Vegas and Gatlinburg…

Ellie Williams wasn’t interested in a traditional wedding. No conservative wedding music, no overly decorated church, no rows of vaguely familiar guests. She wanted a quick wedding, and down the mini-aisle she strolled in her casual attire. Her boyfriend joined her in his tight jeans and khaki shirt. For Ellie and David it’s a memorable day. Unfortunately for the industry in Vegas, there’s not enough of them to go around; Less than 92,000 couples said their vows in 2010 in and around the famed “Sin City.” That’s the lowest total for a couple decades. There’s a love recession in Vegas.

There have been some famous Vegas wedding – Elvis and Priscilla in ’67; Sinatra and Mia Farrow in ’66. More recently Britney Spears at 22 married a childhood friend. Surprisingly, it didn’t last long.

Business is down in Vegas Wedding Chapels, and presumably in Gatlinburg and other hot spots for small, informal, or speedy wedding services. “It’s the economy” (or perhaps “It’s the economy, stupid”) is the oft-repeated mantra… but not so quick; there might be other factors.

Don’t forget the continuing tendency in many western countries away from marriage, and for those that do marry, to making it later rather than earlier. What’s the answer? Hurry up and wait for cultural norms to change, most likely.

If you do decide against the traditional wedding and opt for the small, informal wedding chapel setting, we’ll supply the music.

Check out our wedding music samples page for a brief rundown of all the greatest wedding songs from the past, and many of the most likely candidates in the pop music vein – both contemporary, and oldies from the Beatles, Turtles, and others.

Perhaps you’d like to include hymns in your Gatlinburg/Vegas wedding – we have some great sounding wedding hymns with full orchestra, or a more intimate approach with solo piano, or piano and organ.

Especially intimate and warm, listen to the Wedding March (the traditional one) played in a gentle and thoughtful solo piano style -perfect for your non-traditional or small wedding.

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