New Vocal Music @ Wedding Music Project (The Slick 50′s)

The Slick 50′s – Krystal Harris Peterson, Shelley Harris, and Steve Millikan, will be performing live in Greenfield, Indiana at the CPC Banquet October 13th, 2011, at Adaggio’s Banquet Center. The band is comprised of Steve and Shelley on keys, Sam Lawton on drums, and Scott Hoke on bass. John McDowell will also be contributing vocals, and John Whitcomb will be on guitar. Drummer for the evening will be Larry Sauer of Encore Entertainment.

The evening’s music will be comprised of songs from the 40′s, 50′s, 60′s, and 70′s, with a couple more contemporary love songs (Lucky, e.g.) and perhaps a part of a medley here and there that is pre-40′s.

The evening will be opening at 6:30 with a silent auction, followed by dinner. Eric Timm will be speaking and presenting live art; a CPC reprsentative will be speaking, and The Slick 50′s will be performing during the dinner hour and for about 20 minutes later in the evening.Most of the songs heard during the evening may be on an album to be released on the Wedding Music Project website.

One of the singers, John McDowell, is the bass player and  a vocalist  with The Wright Brothers.

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