Non-Wedding Music, Part 1 – Work Music

This is your friendly neighbourhood webmaster, here to talk about music that isn’t for weddings.

While we all wish everyday could be a wedding (okay, okay, stop hyperventilating, guys, geez), what I need every other day of my life is music to work by.

Now, in theory, the best music to work by is probably stone silence, but silence is the most expensive music money can buy (except maybe that one album by the Wu-Tang clan) even in central Indiana. I’m not into noise-cancelling headphones, either, so my go-to solution for getting work done is a good work playlist.

What makes a good work playlist? For me, personally, it has to be noisy but non-distracting. This means reasonably rhythmic, little or no vocals (or at least no lyrics), and very, very few saxaphone solos. Oh, and I need at least… 6 hours of music so I only have to hear each track 20 or 30 times a month.

So, here’s a list of what’s on my workin’ playlist:

  • Puzzle game soundtracks (i.e. Braid)
  • Also, the Fez soundtrack (I guess that’s also a puzzle game)
  • And also the FTL soundtrack! (Ah, that’s also a bit of a puzzle game, really)
  • Of course, other music by the authors of puzzle game soundtracks.
  • Oh, and the soundtrack of Sword and Sworcery! That’s not a puzzle game!
  • Oh, wait, yeah, it totally is a puzzle game basically.


So, the music I choose for software development and terrible sysadminning is normally music you listen to while trying to tie horrible eldritch knots with your mind. (This is my surprised face.)

Here are a few of my favorite albums if you want to augment or bootstrap your own work playlist with them:

  • Fez OST - A game soundtrack by Disasterpeace with a retro feel. Contains a certain amount of glitchy or extra-abstract garbage.
  • Braid Soundtrack - A mostly acoustic soundtrack by multiple artists.
  • FTL OST – A game soundtrack by Ben Prunty Music.
  • And others by the same artists: Color Sky by Ben Prunty, Strays and Deorbit by Disasterpiece, and anything by Jamie Sieber.