Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Music

Rumors are flying regarding the the music at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April 29 wedding reception at Buckingham Palace. It seems Paul McCartney may be the performer of choice, but don’t rule out Elton John or some other long shot. Naturally, there are dozens of singer/artists who would like to be considered. The “Kings of Leon” reportedly would dearly love to get the gig, and are lobbying for it with some public comments to that effect.

Prince Harry is apparently hoping Snoop Dogg will be the musical act at his brother’s bachelor party. Well Harry, you could have done a lot better than that degenerate…

The Westminster Abbey wedding site is the same as that of the funeral for the Prince’s beloved Mom, Princess Diana, held in 1997.

Kate’s entrance will be by car, bypassing many of historic London’s sites; the couple’s exit will be via carriage, to the cheering of an enormous press of well wishers. The Prince’s grandmother (Queen Elizabeth II) will be hosting the reception, followed by an evening of celebration to reportedly be hosed by the groom’s father, Prince Charles, at Buckingham Palace.

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