Wedding Music Instrumentation

We offer a great variety of wedding music on our site that is available for you to listen to and download – orchestral music, violin solos, string quartets, pieces featuring acoustic guitar, piano, pipe organ, harp, flute, and many combinations of the above.

It seems there are instruments and instrument groups that are uniquely suited to weddings, if popularity is any indicator. If you attend 10 random weddings, it is likely you will hear many of the instruments listed above. One ensemble you might be likely to hear is a string quartet – 2 violins, a viola, and a cello, although hiring a good quartet can be rather pricey. Piano may be the most commonly used instrument – perhaps both because of it’s polyphonic nature, and because many churches have pianos readily available. Although some years ago the pipe organ was quite common, it is used less often at weddings.

I have accompanied at many weddings where there was a combination of instruments used in ensemble, simply because they were the instruments that friends of the bride and groom knew how to play, and I would sometimes arrange music for these ensembles. Naturally, one of the simplest way to have instrumental music at a wedding is to have instrumental soloists accompanied by piano or guitar.

It is worth considering how comfortable your friends and acquaintances would be playing in front of a wedding congregation; this is not a good time to find out that they get quite nervous, but didn’t have the heart to decline your request for music. On the positive side, it is somewhat easier to play most instruments when you are nervous than when you are singing, or should I say it is perhaps easier to hide that fact, depending on the instrument.

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