Happy New Year from The Wedding Music Project!

Happy New Year from The Wedding Music Project! Need help with your wedding planning? Our site is not yet a year old – merely a kid in internet years, but we can help you find the perfect music for your wedding ceremony.  We’re learning and growing, and the results we have seen are very encouraging. We met briefly yesterday to discuss our strategy for 2011.

We’re planning our official site launch in late January. What’s that all about? Speaking for myself, it means that our site generally, and more specifically the music we offer and the way we offer it, have matured enough that I’ll be proud to tell my friends and family about it without disclaimers. I’ve been on the cusp of this for some time, and now is the time to push forward.

I’m blessed to work with Jesse and Brian, both highly skilled in their respective areas of expertise, and possessing persistence and creativity. I can’t tell you how curious I am to be writing a New Years blog this time next year and wondering what I’ll be saying about the wedding music project.

For now, enjoy the music, and especially our wedding music samples album, released at our official site launch. If you know of someone who might benefit from wedding music planning help, please refer them to our site, or better yet, link to it from your website.

Have a prosperous 2011, whether it’s smooth sailing or filled with challenges, and look for ways to help others who need encouragement and support along the way.

Steve Millikan

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