Last Minute Emergency

A couple days ago a gentleman came to our site desperate to find the traditional bridal chorus because the piano player they were going to use was suddenly unavailable, and they were just days away from the wedding with no alternate pianist. There was an issue with downloading what he needed from our site – I don’t recall exactly what it was, but Brian, one of my partners here, was able to communicate with him via email, get it straightened out, and he has the music he needed for his son’s wedding.

I’m a rather sentimental guy, and I was touched as I read his heartfelt thanks. I feel fortunate to do something I love (making music) and being able at the same time to sometimes help others who really are desparate. Sure, most of you will not be in that pressing of a situation when you visit our site, but I’m truly thankful to be able to help those who are.

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