Website Progress

It was the best of sites; it was the worst of sites. Okay, I’m not quite that ambivalent about our website, but I’m really excited to see the progress, and by the same token,  I’m chomping at the bit to make all the changes and edits we need to get us ready for prime time.

It probably goes without saying that both of my partners, Jesse and Brian, are creative and care about the design and functionality of the site just as I do. Each of us has our own unique perspective and expectations. Mine is probably the least connected to reality. I’m a creative musician type, given to daydreaming and idealizing such things, and so in my mind, I see an eminently functional, mature site that has all the best qualities of every other commercial music site that I’ve visited (and can remember, which leaves us with a continually shrinking number). My understanding of the process required to get there is rather limited; it’s just slightly more complicated in my mind than someone simply sketching out what they conceive, and then just magically putting it there with a couple mouse clicks.

As least I’m aware that I don’t understand! As a music producer, I can listen to an album and instinctively be aware of all the painful processes and hundreds of hours of work that go into producing 10 – 15 songs. If you haven’t been in a recording studio during the production of a serious record, Hollywood has so glamorized and shortened the apparent process (all problems can be solved in about 28 minutes, or worst case, in a couple hours) that there would be a bit of jaw dropping when you realized what goes into making a serious album.

So yeah, I understand that I don’t get it. But I’m still psyched about our website and what it is and shall be, and I will be patient and I won’t call my partners every hour to see if they’ve quit their day jobs to work full time on it.

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