Wedding Prelude Songs

Wedding Prelude Songs set the mood for your wedding ceremony! If the prelude music is high quality and well performed, it can enhance both the romantic atmosphere and the depth of meaning of the ceremony.

The album below is our best collection of songs that are ideal for a wonderful wedding day prelude.

Options for your wedding prelude songs:

  • Wedding Preludes from our site: download any of our songs or albums, and arrange them on your own CD or playlist in your preferred order. Eliminate worries about nervous musicians and less than perfect performances. Choose the songs you want, in the style you like; choose your favorite wedding processionals with the timing that fits you and your ceremony needs
  • Live music – If you have the budget for a professional string quartet, or access to other excellent musicians, live music might be your choice, especially if your musicians have the ability to improvise on the spot to accommodate events as they unfold. You will be limited to the songs they know or can prepare. If you have some concerns about how this might unfold on your wedding day – a nervous musician(s), lack of communication, or an unforeseen glitch, you may wish to consider the next option: pre-recorded music.

What kind of music will best complement your personal style and your wedding ceremony? We provide both classic and contemporary choices. Our arrangements are fresh, original, and beautifully recorded. Here are a few examples:

You can hear a short sample of each of these prelude & ceremony pieces on our Wedding Ceremony Music Samples album.

How long does the prelude need to be? There is no right answer here of course, but most wedding preludes are 15-30 minutes long. If you use our music for your wedding prelude, you may wish to have an extra song or two available, in case for some reason the bride or bridal party aren’t ready to enter at the scheduled time. The same is true, of course, if you’re using live musicians – have a plan in place if it’s necessary to extend the prelude a few minutes. I would suggest it’s better to have alternate songs prepared, rather than playing the final prelude piece 3 times in a row; if the wedding guests see the musicians looking to the back and repeating the same song over and over it may not be the most relaxing moment of the wedding!

How about the timing of the music? Add up the timings on the wedding prelude pieces you’ve chosen, and you’ll be able to have the bridal party entering at precisely the time you choose; no waiting for the live music to finish playing through a selection, or stopping it in an unnatural way.

So don’t let the wedding prelude be the “forgotten guest” at your wedding  – plan for success and a smooth ceremony by downloading our wedding prelude music today.

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