Bridal Chorus (Here Comes The Bride)

The traditional Bridal Chorus, a.k.a. “Here Comes The Bride” or “Bridal March” has been the standard bridal processional for many decades. Chances are your mother or grandmother or both came down the aisle to this Wagner creation from the opera Lohengrin!

Though I have no fluency in the German language, I can tell you that the original Bridal Chorus had no lyrics resembling “Here comes the bride.” The first lines translate like this:

Faithfully guided, draw near

to where the blessing of love shall preserve you!

Triumphant courage, the reward of love,

joins you in faith as the happiest of couples!

Click on the link at the top of this page (the words “Bridal Chorus” on the first line) to listen to this most famous of wedding marches in a variety of styles  - cathedral pipe organ, romantic string quartet, gentle and reflective solo wedding piano, or the more typical piano arrangement. You’ll find many different lengths to suit your wedding style and the size of your church or other wedding venue.

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