Wedding Recessional Songs

Looking for Wedding Recessional Songs? Three basic options:

1) Contemporary Wedding Recessional Songs (Instrumental Music Often Preferred)
Wedding March Remix (Best Selling Recessional Song)
Happy Together – soaring, joyful arrangement of Turtle’s classic hit
I Wanna Hold Your Hand – rock and roll violin!
All You Need Is Love
When I’m 64
Bicycle Built For Two (Daisy Bell, Daisy Daisy) – bet your grandparents knew this one.
When I’m 64 – tongue in cheek… but serious too!
Storybook Love (Princess Bride Theme) – Celebrate the most perfect kiss ever with this cult classic love song
Anthem (Suzanne Ciani)
Beautiful Day – originally U2

(Many songs available on our Fun Wedding Songs album as well as Wedding Recessional Songs album linked to at the top of this post)

2) Traditional/Classical Wedding Recessional Songs:
Mendelssohn Wedding March from Midsummer’s Night Dream (Song #3)
Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee (Ode To Joy) by Beethoven
Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba (Handel)
Hornpipe from Water Music (Handel)
Simple Gifts (Traditional Wedding Dance Arrangement)
For The Beauty Of The Earth
Hallelujah Chorus (Handel)
Allegro Maestoso from Water Music Suite
Brandenburg Concerto #4 (Bach)
Brandenburg Concerto #1 (Bach)

3) Religious/Christian Wedding Recessional Songs:
Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee (Ode To Joy Beethoven) Orchestra
Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee Pipe Organ
For The Beauty Of The Earth Orchestra, Solo Piano, Solo Violin
All Creatures Of Our God And King
For The Beauty Of The Earth

Whether you choose to dismiss your guests or have your ushers attend to it, you’ll need several songs, just to be safe. Better too many than too few!

Some of these songs fit into a couple different categories – you might have noticed Ode To Joy making an appearance in both classical and religious lists, and For The Beauty Of The Earth the same.

As you’re making your wedding music choices, you can relax when it comes to all the music that will be playing as your wedding party and the wedding guests are exiting. All that really matters is the first 30 seconds of that first wedding recessional song, and after that, though the guests may appreciate your selections, even the music critics are ready to celebrate, and most likely not questioning your music choices – so no worries!

Just find your favorite recessional, and then you can quickly choose a few more pleasant pieces for background ambiance as your guests are greeting you or one another, chatting about how beautiful the wedding was, or eagerly anticipating greeting you at the back of the church or the reception to follow.

At the writing of this article in 2012, a Wedding Recessional Songs album is planned for the near future – hopefully within a month or two there will be a link to an album of 15+ tunes you can download. We plan for the album to feature a handful of both contemporary and classical selections in groups, as well as a few religious selections, so you can easily download and play them, or create a playlist of the ones that best fit your wedding recessional needs. Update – that album now exists, with a link at the top of this post.

If you’ve not visited our main site, we have a wonderful free Wedding Ceremony Music Samples album you can listen to online to help with your wedding music – short snippets of 70+ songs to aid you in  the planning process.


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