Free Wedding Ringtones

Free Wedding Ringtones are here at the Wedding Music Project, featuring

  • The Prince of Denmark’s March (Trumpet Voluntary) makes for a very catchy and clever sounding wedding ringtone.
  • Perhaps our favorite is this very upbeat wedding ringtone of the most popular wedding exit music with an attitude – the Wedding March Remix ringtone. This one is already in mono, so it won’t sound quite as impressive as you listen, but translates perfectly to your phone.
  • Handel’s Water Music makes for a snappy and happy classical wedding ringtone.
  • A Wedding Ringtone that is in very bad taste that I’m trying to figure out how to explain…based on the premise that occasionally, the bride is not happy. This one must be heard to be appreciated! e call it the Angry Brides Ringtone.
  • Storybook Love, the theme from Princess Bride, was an obvious choice for devoted followers of this one-of-a-kind fairy tale romance about mawwiage and wuv, twue wuv.
  • The arrival of the Queen and Duke fanfare would work quite nicely as well, but we’ll have to see about tracking down permission from the publishers on this one.

Why Free Wedding Ringtones? Usually you’ll be able to find one or two of our ringtones that are offered free. The way we see it, if we get a lot of site visitors because of offering something free which doesn’t cost us very much to produce, it’s a win-win as they say. Our hope is that those who land here to get the ringtones may take a listen to some of our music, because we have some seriously great original songs and arrangements, so all we’re looking for is the chance to present our music.

  • Some of you might remember the old song “Beautiful Dreamer“, written a couple decades before the turn of the century (about 130 years ago) – perhaps an old crooner style vocal version of this tune with piano accompaniment would make a lovely ringtone.
  • Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major, which never saw an application or event it didn’t like.
  • Many more snippets of songs for ringtones, and a couple clever ideas for unusual ones no one else will carry.

Free Wedding Ringtones were released September 2011, and we’ll try to change up which ones are offered free now and then so if you check back you might find an early wedding present, or a bitter disappointment that can only be salved by immersing yourself in our other beautiful musical selections – notably our

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