Friends & Family Weddings


If you’re a friend, or you’re related to me, I might be contacting you to compose a short page about your wedding, focusing on your wedding music. If I overlook you, or don’t get around to contacting very many people, and you would enjoy writing a bit about your ceremony, by all means please go ahead, and let me know about it.

You can make this as short or as long as you like. I won’t plan to do any editing to your article, but I may correct spelling and obvious grammar issues… but other than that, it’s all yours. Oh, and I may create links for songs that you mention – for example, if you write about “Pachelbel’s Canon” being used as your bridal processional, I may put a link to your version of that song.

One of the fun parts of this is you can tell your family or friends about this page, and they can read what you’ve written, and add comments (the comments will still have to be approved to weed out spam and anything else that might be considered in bad taste).

You can contact me directly about posting, or alternately you can comment on this post (at the bottom of this page) and when we check for comments, I can get back in touch. Sometimes we check daily, but occasionally it could be as long as two or three weeks between checking for new comments.

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