Fun Wedding Songs


Heard any fun wedding songs lately? Check out our creative, unique instrumental songs for your wedding or reception.

Wedding March Remix! by Mendelssohn (the traditional wedding recessional favorite) is  a fun, lighthearted arangement of this recessional. If you like the combination of the traditional song with this way fun contemporary sound you really need to hear this one. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You is one of our newest – it’s currently the #1 song, and we think you’ll know why as you listen to this emotive violin solo with orchestra and piano.

We have a sweet arrangement of Happy Together that makes a GREAT wedding recessional! If you’re looking for a song that is unique, upbeat, immediately recognizable by almost every wedding guest, and makes them smile, tap their feet, and just possibly start to clap along, you have to take a listen to this classic love song first recorded by the Turtles. Our version starts right on the chorus – so it’s exactly right for your wedding processional. Don’t get me wrong – the verse of this 70′s hit is awesome too, but when you turn toward your wedding guests and you’re ready to make your joyful exit, the music has got to cut to the chase. SERIOUSLY, take a listen to this one.

Also featured on our fun wedding songs album: When I’m 64 (Will You Still Love Me), the Beatles tune from the 60′s, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, All You Need Is Love, Storybook Love (Theme from The Princess Bride – (and if you aren’t familiar with this movie, run, don’t walk, to your nearest RedBox or other video rental outlet du jour, and check out this classic Rob Reiner produced film featuring “farm boy” Westley and his true love Buttercup), and more. We’ve also just added a lighthearted piano arrangement of the 1965 classic “The Birds And The Bees.” Other enjoyable tunes – Beautiful Dreamer, Bicycle Built For Two (Daisy Bell, Daisy Daisy), and Spring Hop Vivaldi, a remake of a familiar wedding song by Vivaldi.

There are some wedding ringtones tossed in to the mix for this fun wedding songs project.  Check out the old fashioned phone  emulation as Trumpet Voluntary in D (Clarke Ringtone 3) a.k.a. The Prince Of Denmark’s March  is played on the harp. Now admittedly, a real harpist can’t play the trill you’ll hear in real time – this took some technological help to pull off. There are a couple variations on this lovely little ringtone.

There are a couple “songs” that consist solely of glasses clinking gently – just in case whoever is dj-ing or playing the music wants to help encourage the bride and groom to share a smooch with some insistent but genteel clinking of the punch, wine, or champagne glasses. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get things started off right…

And PLEASE don’t be offended by my ANGRY BRIDES RINGTONE. It just seemed like the perfect ringtone for the bride who might be having a bad wedding prep day – perhaps a way she could let it be known this is not the best day she’s ever had, since we all have them. After all, it wouldn’t have to be for every day… just a brief humorous time or two, and then back to happy bride ringtones like this one. For those of you who have been living in a bubble, the title of this ringtone is a tongue in cheek reference to the immensely popular computer game Angry Birds.

We’ll add some of our other wedding music to the Fun Wedding Songs album – though we would like it be primarily good times tunes, we’ll add our arrangements of a couple of the more popular songs being used currently in weddings – Lucky, the Jason Moraz tune, “I’m Yours” (another Jason Moraz song), Delilah, originally recorded by the Plain White T’s, and perhaps Love Story by Taylor Swift.

Beautiful Dreamer is a vocal performance by the Millikan Male Trio, and A Bicycle Built For Two is a solo piano piece.

If you want to hear all these and more, click on “Fun Wedding Songs” at the beginning of this article.

A couple of the songs mentioned above are also included on our CLASSIC LOVE SONGS album. It’s one of our best selling albums, so we thought it would be nice to add a couple more winners to the lineup.

If what you’re really looking for is funny wedding songs, some of these fit the bill for that description as well. Have fun with your wedding music…

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