Cake Cutting Songs


It’s time for the most precious ceremonial moment in your wedding – the cutting of the cake, and the symbolic smashing of sweetness into the face of your beloved! At least that seems to be the norm if the media are to be believed. We’ve seen so many variations on this theme that we’re almost expecting it to happen, with real fanfare. So how often does it really happen that way? Read on if you’re curious what percentage of cake cutting moments end up in a mini-food fight.

Now, back to the issue at hand – the Cake Cutting Song that you’ve chosen. Typically, the music isn’t in full swing yet as the bride and groom join hands to symbolically cut the cake (or cupcake, or carrot cake, or cheesecake or whatever). So you shouldn’t expect the music to be the focal point of this lighthearted moment – but it’s nice if it’s appropriate – and the dj can certainly accommodate!

If you tend to be more fun-loving than the average just-married couple, or are more uninhibited than most, there could be some interesting developments as you gently intertwine your arms and mutually serve cake to one another in a spirit of unity and helpfulness, so it might be fun to have music playing that accents the moment. Even if you think there might be some interesting developments, but you’re not sure – choose music that will make the moment more enjoyable for everybody!

For you, that might be a song that’s ironically soft and romantic, or it might be a tune that is a bit tongue in cheek right from the outset. At any rate, you really can’t miss with the cake cutting song you choose – it’s all good, and if the moment turns playful, there’s hardly a song you could choose that wouldn’t be an enjoyable addition – so don’t sweat the choice! You have a lot more important matters to consider, so choose a song confidently and move forward.

When I’m 64 -                           Beatles (Ringo Starr)

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You   -    James Taylor

I Wanna Hold Your Hand -   Beatles

All You Need Is Love -           Beatles

Happy Together

(Many of these songs can be heard on our Fun Wedding Songs collection)

Sugar Sugar  -                        The Archies

At Last    -                                Etta James

I Got You Babe   -                  Sonny and Cher

Cut The Cake   -                    Average White Band

Grow Old With You   -         Adam Sandler

Melt With You     -               Nouvelle Vague

Eat It    -                                Weird Al Yankovic

What A Wonderful World   -   Louis Armstrong

Celebration   -                         Kool & The Gang

Hit Me With Your Best Shot    -    Pat Benatar

I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

Storybook Love -                  Theme from The Princess Bride

Happy Together -           Instrumental Wedding Recessional

Better Together    -                Jason Mraz

I Can’t Help Myself

Sweetest Love   -                    Robin Thicke

Recipe For Love

The Sweetest Thing

Ice Cream

Love You Madly (by “Cake”)

Sugar Is Sweeter

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This   -   Eurythmics (Annie Lennox)

Yummy Yummy Yummy

More Cake Cutting Songs will be added as we compile them.

Now if you’re one of the curious that wonders how often the cake cutting moment ends up in comedy, you’re in good company – we wonder that as well. Perhaps we’ll take an informal poll of site visitors – but the difficulty is that most couples only come to our website before their nuptials, not after, so it might prove problematic to get a good response. I guess we could ask “How many times have you seen the cake cutting ceremony take a playful twist and end up with cake rubbed onto faces?” Maybe you have a better idea how to get an accurate result…if so, take a moment to leave a short comment for us with your suggestion.

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